Doctor Who & Torchwood Rule iPlayer

Doctor Who and Torchwood dominate the top 10 watched or downloaded shows on the new BBC iPlayer. I hope this means that with it's success of more than 11 million streamed or downloaded shows that they continue to branch out offering content in America. I'm being selfish of course but I would love to be able to get current Doctor Who, Torchwood and other BBC favorites on my AppleTV.

The iPlayer allows the user to either stream the show from the previous seven days or if downloaded it lasts for 30 days. This is an intriguing model because it would allow content providers to take better advantage of adds and to give assurances of add relevancy while giving the content users the choice to download the content instead of only being allowed to steam it. I would love to see the American studios take advantage of this program as long as they remember to keep it free for users and add supported if it will be disposable downloads.

BBC iPlayer Top 10 (25/12/07 to 12/02/08)

1 Doctor Who
2 Louis Theroux Behind Bars
3 Torchwood
4 Ashes To Ashes
5 Torchwood
6 Six Nations Rugby
7 Top Gear
8 Mistresses
9 Mistresses
10 Torchwood

(via Webuser)