Amazon Producing Movies


Amazon, a well known name as a store and a distribution source for entertainment: books, movies, and music will now produce a movie based on the fantasy novel The Stolen Child.

They have not decided whether this will be a direct to DVD project or if it will go out to the theaters but they are working with Fox to on the project.

Fox is financing the production, with Amazon agreeing to heavily push the film across its stable of Web sites (which include film database IMDb)

I wonder... if successful will Amazon take up the mantel / stay in the arena of making books into movies?

I am hopeful that this project will be better at maintaining the spirit and feel of the original book. It is not easy to translate between the two mediums since movies are mainly a visual and books allow for more time to really get into the causes and reasons. Maybe this passion will allow for better translation giving them a greater chance at hiring better script writers who can not only make compelling movie scripts but also keep the spirit of the book and the feel of the original text.

(via SCI FI Wire)