Zuda Comics Showdown


  • We complained about the crap that the "big studios" were putting out.

  • We demanded better stuff or different models to get away from the piles of remakes, rehashes, and cookie cutter entertainment.

Well the people over a Zuda are attempting to offer something different.

  • Zuda is an offshoot of DC Comics... an online comic publication.

  • They receive submissions and put them through the regular initial vetting narrowing down the slush pile to 10 contenders.

  • They post the 10 contending comics to the site putting the final decision in the hands of the fans

-- yes we the fans get to pick the winner who will get the publication contract

-- If we have an account with them we even get to leave comments for the creators

The winning comic is given a one year online exclusive publication contract for installments of the comic for the site.

The vetting process sounds pretty cool -- definitely got to give them credit for opening up and trying something different. On the other hand this is like taking a steak lover on a tour of the cow slaughter house or going backstage of your favorite show before makeup worked their magic... though the sight is not that gross it can be demystifying seeing so many comics in an unpolished condition.

That being said, the idea of allowing fans to have a greater input into the vetting process is exciting. I commend DC Comics and editorial director Ron Perazza for being bold and exploring the wonderful, wide, and scary world outside of the box.

(via kansascity)