Stardate 2009.5.8

trek_newlogo_lg It is official, Paramount has confirmed that Star Trek XI will not be coming out this Christmas, but instead on May 8, 2009.

This has two major implications for the flick

  1. The script will be rewritten.

  2. They will be forced make the film more of an Effects/Action film than before.

It can only be good news for the film that we will not be stuck with the early draft script that was being shot. No story is ever perfect on the first draft.

The May release date is a bit more troubling... Star Trek has never been a huge box office draw:

Look at these worldwide grosses for the previous films, then realize that they are budgeting $130 - $150 million (estimated) for Star Trek XI. That means that this film with have to do better than the top grossing Trek film to date. How likely is that?

In order to justify the budget (which I think is way too high), the film will have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. There will be no moral dilemma in the film to distract the masses from the pretty lights and explosions, and the number of those pretty lights will be increased to draw more people in. What will be left of Star Trek? The character names...

I fear that this move and the over the top budget will do more harm to a franchise that has been in trouble since the death of Gene Roddenberry and the end of Deep Space Nine.

This is a time for the fans to speak out, and hope that their voices will be heard in the creation of this new film. It is possible for this to be the best of the films so far, as long as they remember what Star Trek is really all about. The dream of a better tomorrow.