Sometimes X-Teasing Can Be Annoying


Here it is (gasp, sigh): one of the earliest images from the new mutant film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

It's confession time, I really want to like this movie. I love the story of the X-Men and my personal history with the setting and characters go back over a decade...

I would not characterize my self as a fan because I have not read all of the comics- but I am an enthusiast and could hold my own in a conversation with a hardcore fan.

That having been said, I have a tremendous amount of concern over this film. The last one really let me down. How in the hell can anyone screw up a cool storyline and character like Phoenix. I don't know... but I digress.

The picture looks cool though and from the little bit of info revealed in the USA Toady article this story will cover-

  • Wolverine's surgery where the adamantium skeleton and claws were added to his person

  • His relationship and origins of the feud with Sabretooth

  • and maybe some of the other Weapon X creations.

Will they cover???

  • Logan's youth and the tragic incidents around discovering some of his powers (bone claws)?

  • The fact that he is over a hundred years old?

  • His time in world war one and two?

  • His lost lime in Japan?

Time will tell.