Twilight - The Movie

I know that you've all read a book that really speaks to you.  One that has reached into your soul and made you feel like you were one of the characters.  You've waited with immense anticipation as movie rumors start and then the trailers begin.  Only a fan can know how it feels to watch the opening credits roll on the film adaptation of your most beloved book.  Tingles go up your spine as you grip the arm rests.  You aren't embarrassed as a prominent smile comes across your face because you are surrounded by others who are just as enthused.  I can still remember the thrill of the premiere of Interview With The Vampire.

For me, the buildup for Twilight was the same.  Sadly, seeing Twilight was NOT the thrill of a lifetime.  In fact, if I didn't love the books so much, I doubt if I would have stayed.  I had some worries after watching the trailers, hoping that the "teenage" flavor of the story that I was seeing wouldn't translate on screen.  Unfortunately, they did go very young.  The books were written in a much more mature style.   Bella was the only character I saw who acted somewhat like a REAL teenager.  The actors chosen for her high school friends were laughable.  I don't think, if you took Edward out of this film, that any teenager would think this was a good waste of a Friday night.  The screen writing, or the way the high school students were directed (I can't tell which) was very Disney sit-com style.  I can't blame the whole cast for this, I just think the styling and direction were lacking somehow.  It was almost like they focused only on Bella and Edward and the rest of the cast was an afterthought.  Even the scenes where Bella wasn't with Edward seemed phoned in.

Styling mistakes:

  • A major pet peeve I have with any vampire movie is when they make the vamps look like they are in costumes.  There were hints of this all through the story.

  • The actor playing Jasper didn't do a bad job, but looked like the Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka.  From the description in the book I was imagining him more like Cash from Kindred: The Embraced.  Although his acting seemed to fit the Jasper character, his styling made him seem freakish.  I kept getting flashbacks of Edward Scissorhands after he drinks alcohol.  Also, they missed a big opportunity in that they never showed that Jasper has the ability to change the emotions of people around him.

  • Jacob's hair extensions were done so badly, I kept getting distracted by them and couldn't pay attention to what he was saying.

  • Alice should have been more goth.

  • Dr. Cullen's dye job was horrible.  Perhaps if it was done correctly and with a better hair cut, he wouldn't have looked like such a Tom Cruise impersonator.

  • The section where Edward was jumping all around and showing his "sparkly" chest was a bit much.  In the book, he didn't reveal all of it so quickly, though I suppose they had the movie time restraint on them.  Edward isn't the sort of guy to jump all around like a kid.  He is more reserved.  I think the Edward in the book might have punched out movie Edward if he had witnessed how stupid he was being.

  • The "sparkly" chest was rather disturbing.  The book made it sound like he was glass or crystal in the sun.  The effects they used in this movie were as if someone had accidentally spilled glitter all over him.

  • If Victoria was really at the dance, they would have sensed her.  No way is she watching them from an upper window without the vamp squad tuning in.

Things they did right:

  • The Bella and Edward interaction was exactly right.  Her nonchalant nature may have looked like bad acting to outsiders, but she was perfectly Bella.

  • The father part was also done very well.

  • Showing Alice's visions by having her draw them out was done well, though it did seem rushed.

  • The fight scenes (although short) were done well.  The dance studio bit was pretty good, especially how Cullen asked Edward to make a choice.

  • Showing a standoff (kinda) between Edward and Jacob at the dance was cool... with hope for more in the future.

The one actor to watch who had only a tiny part in this film (one scene) is Solomon Trimble.  He plays Sam (one of Jacob's friends).  After watching some online interviews, he has the potential to surpass all in possible sequels.  Sam is a major force in the wolf storyline.  I expect great things from Solomon.  If not in the Twilight sequels, then in other projects he pursues.

Overall, this flick will be a must see for all teen girls in love with Edward.  It finally gives them a face to fall in love with.  As for fans not in love with Robert Pattinson, we'll have to hope the wolves help pull the second film out of the High School Musical demographic.