Death, Manga Style

Neil Gaimans character Death is back!  The awesome chick with excellent gloom cookie fashion sense, sporting an ankh necklace, and funky eye makeup is re-imagined in:death
Death, At Death’s Door by Jill Thompson

This American-style manga is loads of fun for any Sandman fan.

In the first few pages, we see Death and her siblings arguing as they always do. Delirium appears in chibi form, while Desire reminds me of the old Archie and Jughead comics. Dream looks like a cartoon vampire. Deciding to travel to Hell to find his lost love, Nada, Dream causes all the inhabitants of Hell to wind up in Death’s apartment.

My favorite part is when Delirium walks in on Death as she is trying to baby sit all the displaced souls. Death is covered with bodies. In true Delirium style, she says, “Aren’t you hot wearing all those people?”

This is a fun, sometimes silly, look at our favorite Endless siblings. In the back is a great Death bio, a sketchbook area with more Death pictures, and a synopsis of the complete ten volume Sandman graphic novel library.

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