Lightsabers Are A Real Weapon?

Star Wars Baddies
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I love that Star Wars is so popular that when I use the word lightsaber in public people know what I'm talking about.  What I want to know is when did lightsabers become a real weapon.  It does sting a little to have one's knuckles rapped during a mock duel but I never thought of it to be a real weapon.  So does Woolworths know something about our military technology that the general public doesn't?

supermarket chain Woolworths has restricted the sale of toy lightsabers to people over the age of 18, concerned that the toys could be mistaken for real weapons.

Last I checked lightsaber technology doesn't really exist.  The general public presumption is that it does not exist and there are not weapon shops across the country selling lightsabers to the general public.  If there are please tell me where I will sell my car to get one!  So Why would Woolworths think that the toy based on a space opera could be mistaken for a real weapon?

We the public do have some common sense!

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