Dollhouse: Dushku, Espenson, and Hope

Dollhouse_Cast Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is scheduled to air 13th of  February 2009.  There has been great concern around this project not so much over the concept or story but with the filming of the project and whether fox will completely ruin or yank it off the air.  These concerns aren’t unfounded since they did mess with Firefly.  Delayed the premier episode by six months and made Joss go back into production to reshoot and retool the show before it even aired.  The writer / producer for Dollhouse Jane Espenson came out to reassure the fans that the show is coming along well and everyone including Joss is happy with what they have.  I never had doubts that the show will be great my concerns rest solely on Fox does not have a good track record.

Dollhouse is about a top-secret underground agency called the Dollhouse who wipe the memories of their members and program them for specific missions.  Upon completing the mission their mind is wiped and they are given new personas for an all new mission.  The question put forth is can you erase a persons sole too setting up the tension with the main character known as Echo played by Eliza Dushku.

They will have singing in some episodes which is awesome since Joss has a history of doing really good shows with singing in them.  For instance Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Once More With Feeling and Doctor Horrible Sing Along Blog.

I love it that Joss also challenged Dushku pushing her to new levels of acting.  Stressing her to the breaking point.. by making her act with her hair in an up-do.

Dushku said. "That's hard for me. Joss is like, 'I know you by now. Your comfort zone lies in your hair… …you get uncomfortable if I put your hair in an up-do.' That's kind of insane and kind of hilarious."

Promo for Dollhouse below.

(via Sci Fi Wire 1 & 2) (Picture thanks to Wikipedia)