Myley Cyrus to Mess up Adventures in Babysitting

adventuresibbaysitting My inner child died a little bit when I saw that Myley “I have no talent, ruin everything that I touch, while my relationship with my father reminds people of Cousin Eddie and his daughter Vicki” Cyrus is going to be making a sequel to Adventures in Babysitting

Fellow tween star Raven Symone will co-star in the sequel, currently titled “Further Adventures in Babysitting.” The movie is set for a 2010 release.

According to Variety, Tiffany Paulsen (“Nancy drew”) is writing the script (Sun Times).

Now, would not say that Adventures in Babysitting is a great movie, but it is a cult classic that does not need to have a sequel.

It boggles my mind that Miley Cyrus gets any work at all, and honestly, if it was just Raven Symone, I probably would not be as perturbed as I am.  I am so tired of Cult Classics having Hollywood gloss smeared all over them.