5 Songs that Saved My Life

Life is not always easy.  Early on, I learned that I could find the catharsis I needed in music.  There are many songs that I use to vent various emotions, or even celebrate.  Luckily, certain songs have been with me at those darkest moments to pick me up and carry me through.

These are songs of defiance, strength, and hope.

5. Crucify by Tori Amos

What can I say about Tori Amos that her voice doesn’t.  I used to be one of those people who had to make everyone happy, even if it meant that I was miserable.  It was tearing me apart.  Inside, I was little more than broken glass jangling around, and then I found Tori.

I used to listen to this song on repeat.  I learned to stop Crucifying Myself, and to just stand strong regardless of whatever people might think about me.

4. Under the Gun by The Sisters of Mercy

This song will forever be with me.  For some reason, this is the song I turn to in times of chaos and confusion.  The refrain, “Are you living for love?” has become a mantra for me to keep me centered and going forward.

3. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette

I will forever love Alanis Morissette for this song.  The first time I ever heard it was on one of those nights that just ended badly.

I had been dating this guy for years, and I really loved him.  He picked me up, and we went out for dinner and a movie.  We had a very romantic evening, and if it had ended there it would have had everything a perfect date should have.

As he drove me home, he broke up with me.  I was devastated, so I turned on the radio to end the awkward silence.  This is the song that came on the radio.  For the rest of the ride home, I just looked at him and listened to “You Oughta Know.”  I will forever love Alanis Morissette for that.

2. Pictures of You by The Cure

As I got over what was the most devastating break up of my life.  Robert Smith always made me smile.

1. Reason to Live by Kiss

Kiss is one of my favorite bands for so many reasons.  One of the biggest has to be that in those darkest moments, I had this song running through my head.

This is a new time for us all, and we need to keep our heads up.  These are some of the songs I use to keep my head.  What songs do you rely on?

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