Rozz Williams: Dreamer, Poet, Artist

Interview with Rozz Williams

In 1963, my favorite singer/songwriter was born.  His voice of was delicate and filled with power.  I discovered his music at a very fragile point in my life, when I wasn’t sure if life was worth living or not.

He sang with such defiant fervor, mocking those who try to hold us down.  He taught me to laugh in the face of despair, and to stand strong where ever I was.

Rozz was found hanging in his apartment on April Fools day in 1998.

His music lives on.  From the work he did with Christian Death, Shadow Project, Premature Ejaculation, Daucus Karota, Heltir, EXP, and never forget his solo work, Rozz’ music library is epic in scope and covers nearly every emotion and aspect of life imaginable.

Anytime I feel down or alone, I turn on some Rozz and all my cares and concerns melt away.

Happy Birthday Rozz.  You will never be forgotten.