Rachel Maddow and the Out 100

out100-maddow Thank God for Chuck D.  When Air America debuted, I had to check out his morning show Unfiltered.  Thanks to that, I was introduced to Rachel Maddow.

I followed her around as they moved her show around, and even wrote letters to them when I thought they might have canceled her show many years ago.  Smart, funny, and newsy, she quickly became the high point of my day, and one of my primary sources of news and commentary.

I am so glad to see her success of MSNBC, and to see her on the “Out 100” with other luminaries as:

actors Luke Macfarlane, John Barrowman and Sir Ian McKellen, […] Wilson Cruz, Ugly Betty producer Silvio Horta as well as newlyweds George Takei and Brad Altman (New Now Next).

What a great picture, and even though I know a post like this will embarrass her to no end, I just had to say, good for you, girl, you made it.

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