The Young (gay) X-men, who will die first?

Youngx-MenMarvel released the Young X-men with two, count them two gay characters: Anole and a newish character, Jonas Greymalkin.

Jonas Greymalkin, a character whose history was revealed with a story in X-Men: Manifest Destiny #3. It turns out that Greymalkin is over 200 years old and his powers were activated soon after his father realized that Jonas was gay. Furious, Jonas was beaten unconscious by his father and buried alive. Fortunately for Jonas, his powers (which include invulnerability) work best in darkness and, therefore, were well suited to surviving being buried alive. Jonas spent the last 200 years in a state of suspended animation, a time that ended when Jonas' grave was disturbed and he was thrown back into the modern world (After Elton).

Given the history of GLBT characters in speculative fiction, I have to ask the question: "Which one will die first?"

My money is on Anole because Jonas is invulnerable, but who knows, maybe he will be buried alive again. I hate to be a downer, but that is usually what happens to GLBT characters, and Marvel has done a good job keeping the streak going.