A Tear for Jaspree

atearforjaspree If you are an Earthdawn player like me than is comes as exciting news.

This volume contains the adventure A Tear for Jaspree, designed for Journeymen characters of any Discipline. In this adventure, the characters discover short-sighted greed, confront one of Barsaive's most dangerous predators, and become the instruments of a Passion's wrath. In the process they encounter some unlikely allies, and meet a village with its own story to tell, one in which they get in trouble if they ask too many questions, but could also serve as a safe haven in the future. Requires use of the Player’s and Gamemaster’s Compendiums.

Because of the increase in shipping costs, RedBrick has only released a digital version, but I have found digital role playing books to be more useful on the laptop.  They are easy to search, and their spins don’t fall apart.