Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Overall Rating: 7.5

Journey to the Center of the Earth was more like an amusement park ride rather than a movie.  Overall the movie was not bad it just was not good.  I think it’s main problem was the lack of focus and conflicting expectations.  The movie did make me laugh at times and although I would not watch it again I do not regret watching it once.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is about Prof. Trevor Anderson who is a scientist desperately clutching onto his lost brothers research into volcano vents.  While watching his brothers son Sean Anderson they come across the science fiction novel by Jules Verne and a break through in the research.  They go on expedition to Iceland with the help of a local guide Hannah Sigurbjornsdottir when they make an amazing discovery after falling into a hole that takes them deep beneath the Earths surface.

Watching Journey to the Center of the Earth was like going to an amusement park where the audience was subjected to a series of disjointed rides that had loosely anything to do with each other.  The movie lacked a story line more complex then “stuff happens.”

There was a definite focus on providing cheep thrill and shots for the 3D medium but done so to the degree that they sacrificed any story.

I was left with conflicting expectations because the movie used the name of a book that was a scientific romance so one might expect a speculative fiction movie but that expectation was far from reality.  This was a pure adventure tale that took me on a forced march through a spectacular foreign environment with out even exploring any of it.


  1. It was funny

  2. They provided many opportunities to appreciate the 3D effects

  3. The overall movie experience was fun

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. The appalling lack of story

  2. It repeatedly breaks the immaculate reality

  3. Conflicting expectations

  4. It was throwaway media aka good for one use

  5. could care less for the characters

  6. They don’t spend any time to explore the center of the earth.

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