Favorite Wordpress Plugins

Mike Lewis asked me to write out a list of my favorite Wordpress plugins, so here they are.


  • Disqus is my favorite plugin.  It connects your blog to the Disqus comment system.  I love Disqus for the simplicity and ease of use.  They also allow you to make a single community out of a collection of blogs.


  • Ad-minister allows you to run ads for on your site for the amount of time that you want.  It can run different ads in one widget.  This is my favorite ad plugin.

  • AdSense Manager does exactly what it says.

Search, Search Engine, and SEO

Tag, Category, and Page Management


  • Postalicious imports your Delicious into you blog.

  • QuickPost gives you a Tumblr style bookmarklet to write for your blog.

Stats and Analytics

Multiple Author Support

I am still looking for good cache and social bookmarking plugins.  I am using WP Super Cache to speed the site up.  I also tried WP-Cache, but the site crashed often.  I am also using ShareThis to provide social bookmarking links, but I am not in love with it.  If I could find something better, I would use it.

I this helps you out.