Interview: Kaja Foglio on Girl Genius Movie/Series

A bit ago, Girl Genius was mentioned on Geekdad’s “10 Obscure Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies.” So, I shot out a few questions to Studio Foglio, and Kaja just got back to me:


What did you think about the Geekdad post?
I saw that article. It made my day, and that day needed to be made.

Would you ever be interested in making a Girl Genius movie?

Sure. If the right people came along, it would be fun. It would have to be the right people, though. A really good team. Live action movies are often... not so good. So I can wait for that if I have to. (And a good thing too, since nobody's breaking down the door...) What I personally would like best would be a really well done long-form anime series. And while I'm wishing, an adventure-style console game. Those two things would keep me happy for a long time to come.

If a Girl Genius movie were made, would you want to be a consultant, art director, or would you storyboard the film?

Hm. I don't know much about movies. So I would say that, ideally, there would be people who are really good at that sort of thing working on the project. We've already made the story, I'd rather leave the "making it look good onscreen" part to professional movie people. I do like the idea of being able to look everything over, flail my arms and say: "Aaah! That bit there is awful! Fix it!" So consulting, sure.

I asked Phil what his answer would be, and he looked at mine and said: "That is exactly what I would say." Okay, we agree. Good.

What, if anything, can your many fans do to make a Girl Genius film a reality?

I have no idea! I think the best thing people can do for us is keep reading, and keep telling their friends about Girl Genius. We're so happy with the readership we have now, and with the great feedback we've been getting. The level of enthusiasm is incredible. We're seeing the most amazing cosplay at conventions, even at the anime conventions. And that's saying something. In anime, there's a lot of great characters to choose from, cosplay-wise. So I think our readers are already doing a lot just with their enjoyment of what we do. That's really what is helping make the comic popular!

So keep spreading the word about the webcomic, short stories, and podcast.  I would love to see an anime series.