Review of The Wandering Swordsman (1970)

The_Wandering_Swordsman Review of:  The Wandering Swordsman (1970)

Overall Rating: 8

This wuxia film started with a fun lighthearted tale of a prankster character who wandered from place to place causing trouble for bad people and helped those in need.  I was left with an initial sense of stuff happens but all of the seemingly random events suddenly knit together as the main plot is revealed.  Then the movie takes on more of a stock 70’s wuxia film pattern even ending on the sad note.

The Wandering Swordsman (1970) has a delightful sense of play.  I really enjoyed the main character with his swashbuckling sense.  The visuals, actions and fight scenes are ok but I should also note that this was shot in 1970.  The characters are also for the most part flat with the exception of the lead and his nemesis.  The tale told and overall experience is fun and overall swashbuckling goodness, definitely worth watching at least once.

The story: In this fun, swashbuckling, martial arts tale, a charismatic prankster with formidable sword skills bounces decides to steel from thieves and then gives his new wealth to some wondering poor.  This plan doesn't sit well with the criminals, who band together to stop him. Fortunately our hero has a powerful blade on his side.  A high-spirited blend of action, romance, and comedy, this dynamic Shaw Brothers classic from fearless director Chang Cheh.

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