Superpower for BBC1

Superpower is being penned by former Doctor Who director Joe Ahearne, whose writing credits include episodes of This Life, the Channel 4 sci-fi series Ultraviolet and the forthcoming BBC1 supernatural drama Apparitions, which he has also directed (The Stage News).

With the success of Doctor Who and Torchwood, I am thrilled by the notion of more Speculative Fiction on the network.  I can only hope they will strike more deals in the US so we can see them.  I mean, when are we going to get an iPlayer on BBC America?

Superpower’s creator is a Marvel comics fan so I can only imagine the stories will be about mutants fighting supervillains, and not a knockoff of a bad series like heroes.

“It is a new and original superhero idea which is not a send-up. All the super hero stuff that is on TV in this country - ITV’s No Heroics, My Hero - British TV is happy to do if it is a send-up, but no one has done it for real. There is a particular gimmick in mine, which I won’t give away, but it means it will be refreshed every episode,” he revealed (The Stage News).