Underground Blue Division

Underground Blue Division Band Logo

Sorry it took me so long to get these Pics up, but I got my butt kicked by a wicked cold starting on New Years Day and my hands were not stable enough to get the pics and sound ready for you. But I am better today and I cannot stay silent anymore.

On New Years Eve, we went to see Underground Blues Division at the Wine Rack/Java Stop in Poplar Bluff, MO. Thanks to these guys, I had one of the best New Years I have had in years. I was glad I broke my, "No going out on New Years" Rule.

There music is hard to describe, they swung from Cream to Rage Against the Machine so naturally. If you can imagine that kind of a range in a band, you have an idea of the talent and energy they filled the stage with.

Before the show the guys sat down with me for an interview (listen to it here or subscribe to the podcast here).

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