Peek-A-Boo TV

bbc-myspace I have been eagerly awaiting the news that BBC would be allowed to provide their content to me via the net in a country that is not the UK and with out a 1/2 year delay... unfortunately this is not that news. It is a step in the right direction though (something is better than nothing). MySpace struck a deal with the BBC to bring their content to the web but the catch is that it is initially only clips and limited to a couple of minutes.

The partnership will initially see around 150 clips of BBC programming made available online via a dedicated BBC Worldwide channel on the social networking website's video service, MySpaceTV.

The second catch is that it is going to have a 6 month delay.

Simon Danker, the director of digital media at BBC Worldwide, said that most of the clips would not appear until around at least six months after airing on the corporation's UK public service channels.

But there is still hope from the people over at apple with the BBC iPlayer. Which may allow us to not only get the shows we want, support those shows through adds and not have to stream them. In the mean time patience and hope.

via (the gurdian)