Steampunk Star Wars

After the fall of the Jedi, the Old republic could not stand up to the Emperor. This was the beginning of the dark times.


The clone armies swept across the galaxy, subjugating all to the will of the Emperor. Soon, the began recruiting troopers from even the outer territories. Under the command of Lord Vader, the rebellion fell in line.

pic4hThe power of the Sith spread throughout the galaxy. They turned their minds to the darkest arts of war, devise foul war machines that would scourge the galaxy.


Spies from the Republic stole secret information from the empire. Star Destroyers were sent our to find them and get the pic4j plans back.

They pursued the spies, capturing them, but the plans were not aboard their ship, somehow they had sent them on.

pic4g The war devastated the imperial armada, and almost destroyed Lord Vader. A new plan had to be hatched to destroy the rebels once and for all.

pic4b pic4c

Hunters went out to find the rebels and the one Lord Vader called Skywalker. Finally, we found the rebels on Hoth, and attacked.


The fighting was furious and we captured many rebels, but Skywalker got away.

pic4d Lord Vader hatched a new plan. He would lay a trap for the young Skywalker. By torturing his friends, Vader new he would attract Skywalker into his trap.

pic4e Sure enough, Skywalker came.

He and Vader fount, but Vader could not bring himself to destroy Skywalker.

pic4k Vader was only able to capture one of the rebel leaders, a man named Solo. The rebels searched the galaxy for him.

Eventually they found him and launched the attack the would destroy the Empire. But perhaps I have said too much.


(retro_futurism: “Звездные войны” в стимпанк-стиле)

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