Project:Shadow 2008 January Newsletter

Hey everyone!

Project:Shadow HQ is now up to 16 members! Thanks to everyone who is spreading the word, great job! If you haven’t already invited your friends to join the party send them an e-vite AT or put a Project:Shadow HQ badge on your web site, blog or MySpace profile!

New Stuff

Site Changes!!!! We have begun the process of updating Project Shadow. Keep and eye out this month for the exciting changes right now it's like and Easter egg hunt, can you find out what we did and where we did it :)


New reviews went up last month for Stardust and the Golden Compass with many more to come in January. Check them out at the Project: Shadow Symposium

Like to shop? Need to shop? Get your shopping done with us at We set up a store so that you can get your shopping done in one stop, stores include Amazon, Hot Topic, and Sharper Image. Not only is it convent but it also helps to support our work here at Project: Shadow. We also have cool t-shirts, posters, and other merchandise available.

This is a new year bring us a new project!

We are starting the first Sunday book club with the first meeting on February 3rd 2008. What is the this you ask? We will have two books to read during the month. We will post comments and discussion of the two books throughout the month in the HQ. Then on the first Sunday of the following month we will hold a live call in open mic show where we will discuss the books and the comments from the HQ that were left throughout the month. The two books that we are reading in January are Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy Vol. 1, Heir to the Empire and Triplanetary: The Lensman Saga, Book 1.

We Bring You...

We at Project:Shadow brought you two great interviews last month Underground Blues Division & Pamela Moore check them out in the symposium.


Share your favorite video clip with the group: We now have 142 videos available to members at the ProjectShadow HQ at Its a great way to share your great finds with everyone and also a great way to catch the coolest, neatest new videos that are out.

We Love Net Flix! We have been a member of Netflix for more than five years now and it is great! Before that we would spend one to three hours in the video store every Friday looking and trying to decide what video we wanted to rent (a large chunk of this time was spent trying to remember what videos were out that we wanted to see), spend all that money on the rentals, and then have to go through the hassle of trying to watch and return the video so that we would not get charged a late fee. This terrible experience was flipped with Netflix. Now we have a list of videos that we want to see set up. Whenever we see a trailer for a movie or show that we want to rent we just add it to our list and when it gets released to dvd about a year latter the video just arrives! Now every week we get excited waiting for the mail to arrive so that we can see what new videos arrive. We watch them when we get time to watch them. Then when we are done watching it (in some cases this can take several weeks to accomplish partially due to some hectic event that takes up all of our time and in some situations it's because we end up watching it over and over again) we just drop it in the mail. If you don't already use Netflix then go to and get your videos today!


Listen Live, daily, to our new podcast Project:Shadow Informant: We are doing a live podcast Monday through Friday at 1:30 est on talk shue You can also subscribe to the podcast by going to On the Project:Shadow Informant we cover news and topics related to the speculative fiction culture. Its great fun and a nice way to keep up as per what is going on, join us!

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What is on YOUR mind

***Have you shared with us your latest comments? We now have over 66 forum topics up on the HQ. If you have a forum topic that you would love to share with the group then go to the HQ and add them! Comments are also back up in the Project Shadow Symposium. Members may now put comments on any blog post that we post in the symposium. You will need to use your Project Shadow HQ log in id to have access to the comment ability. To read the blog posts go to

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