The animated video Doctor Strange

I watched a great animated video a couple of days ago. It is called Doctor Strange and was released straight to video on August 14, 2007. This is a superhero video using one of the marvel characters. The video was dark and the action tight. Going into this film I had no fore knowledge of the Dr. Strange character or comic but I was still able to really enjoy the story and didn’t leave the film feeling like I was left out, yet I could tell that there was some things put in certain places that were for the comic fans too. This amazing balance is a hard one to reach and I applaud them for obtaining it.

The tale opens with an intense chase scene with the pupils of the Ancient One pursuing a servant of Dormammu. This chase passes by the car of the gifted and selfish Dr. Strange. The tale continues and Dr. Strange is struck with a tragedy that sets him on a path to recover his life. During the quest he is led to the training temple of the Ancient One and receives healing and instruction while there.

One of the qualities that I really enjoyed in this tale was the clear development of the character of Dr. Strange. In the beginning he is a selfish, self-obsessed, cruel, haunted man. They did a great job of creating a feeling of disgust and pity over his character in the start of the film, I found my self caring about the character because I knew something obviously led him to be the creep that was before me and yet he was still a creep that could just walk away from the woman’s suffering. Then as the tale goes on we learn about what happened to him that hardened his heart and we watch Dr. Strange forgive himself and grow into a wonderful person. It was quite a delightful experience that gave so much depth to the story.
The setting and animation was wonderful and crisp. The movement was fluid and action dynamic. One aspect of the setting that I really enjoyed was how the creators limited the abilities of the magic users. Everyone learned how to manipulate their environment by realizing the oneness of it all but each person was limited to their own innate abilities. This way each character had both power and limitation, they did a great job of showing both. This helped to give great tension as you watch the characters being powerful and when they were faced with their limitations their downfall as well.

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