Casino Royal, Worst Bond Flick Ever

I finally broke down and watched the newest 007 flick... Wow Bond got ugly, sloppy, incompetent and lost any style, marksmanship, and fighting skills he had once had. After the film opened with the worse Chris Cornell song every written/recorded, Bond managed to bungle everything he tried to do for the rest of the film. Time I would like to have added back to my life so I wasn't so upset that I had wasted it.

What was the point of this film? The acting was wooden/hollow/vacuous, and 1 dimensional characters would have been an improvement. The film reminded me of a gangsta rap video make by a group of privileged middle school kids from the Hamptons.

At least Judi Dench was funny, she hated Bond as much as I did.

Daniel Craig, the new Bond is incapable of acting or even being mildly interesting... David Niven was a better Bond, at at least that Casino Royal was mildly entertaining.

I know it is rude of me to ask this, but where all the attractive people employed when the film was made? Even Caterina Murino, the "Bond Girl" in the film was made to look waxy and fake.

It was miraculous to see a tanker truck get the wheels shot out from under it only to grow new ones so the chase could continue.

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd or Generic Bond Girl #2 was bit too anorexic looking, but she did try very hard to bring life into the pathetic character she had been given. Unfortunately, Craig's inability to act precluded this.

I knew the film had lost me when I did not care if he lived or died in the car.

Even the car chase was dull, short, and pointless.

The scene of torture was weak, and Daniel Craig's bad acting made me laugh twice.

Finally, the end was too predictable.

1 out of 5, horrid tripe, nor more 007 films for me till they get a new Bond.