Mission for the Family

From the Mission UK Blog:

received this message from one of our fans, Al, who plans to create a
video for our new single 'Keep it in the Family'.. sounds like a really
cool idea, so read below and send in your footage..

"I have been thinking about the video, and I have a wee idea that would include us all.
To allow me to do this, I am asking for your help.

about the word "family", and what it means to you. Write it down on a
piece of A4 paper to make it visible, and film yourself holding it up
for 5 seconds whilst thinking about what your chosen word means to you.
You can do it on your webcam, mobile phone, digital camera etc. Your
backdrop can be whatever you wish โ€“ as long it is suitable for
broadcast and the word on the paper is visible.

You can even ask the same of your family. My aim would be to collate them into the timeframe required.

would give the opportunity to show the diversity of Mission fans, and I
reckon it would give a poignant insight into our feelings.

Band and their family are welcome to do so as well.

you are happy to do so, then email me the clip (again, preferably as an
mpeg), with your name, to alistair.kelly@gmail.com , or

marking the email "Family". (themissionuk)

Start sending them in :)