O Battlestar Galactica, ugh

Ok, John, lets do this thing:

Not too long ago, Battlestar Galactica was everybody's
darling. But then ratings slipped until, last month, the show was moved
to Sunday nights to attract viewers. Although the show has  been picked up for another season, it's a partial commitment for 13 episodes (SF Signal: BSG Backlash?)

...here we go.  **deep breath**  I have never been a fan of Battlestar Galactica.

**ducks under my desk and looks around nervously**

Do you hate me now?  I hope not.  The orignal series was not bad for the time it came out, but I have never found the new series to be anything other than an overblown, space opera with really pretty special effects.  The sex scenes were crude and unimaginative and the show had no subtlety at all.

I have never had a love affair with the show, and to me, people are waking up to what the show has always been.  This is one show I will not miss.

Let the hate mail start.... now!