Star Trek Supports the Writers

star_trek_xi The Spirit of Gene Roddenberry rose up and tried to return Star Trek to its core values:

As the Writers Guild of America strike goes on, "Trek Day" has been declared by the WGA for Monday, December 10, to picket outside the main Melrose gate at Paramount Pictures — and supportive Star Trek fans are being asked to take part as well as writers, directors, crew and actors from any incarnation of Gene Roddenberry's world from the past 42 years (STARTREK.COM)

It will be interesting to see if any of the actors, writers, or the director of the up coming prequel will take part in the demonstrations. I doubt that they will, but I hope to be delightfully surprised. With the strike on going, and the rewrites on the script canceled because of the strike, the new film is a true product of the WGA action (for better or worse).

I am just pleased to see a little social conscience out of a franchise that had been reduced to little more than cliched action films. The Great Bird smiles on this. May the writers win their demands and prosper.