Pamela Moore's Stories from a Blue Room

pamelamoore2 Pamela Moore's sultry voice returns with her brilliant new album, Stories from a Blue Room. These eleven new tracks are hauntingly beautiful. Moore is probably best known to you at the voice of Sister Mary on Operation: Mindcrime and Operation: Mindcrime II.

A haunting blend of hard rock, electronic, and pop music, the combination of different sounds on the album is made whole by Pamela Moore’s edgy, yet soulful voice. Cuts such as “Dive into Me” and “Satisfied?” (duet featuring Terri Nunn - Berlin) are two darker rock tracks on the album, while a ballad such as “Forever in My Dreams” would bring a tear to the eye of the most hardened soul.

Fittingly, it’s a diverse pallet of songs and while most songwriters cite “life experiences” as the influence behind their songs, for Pamela Moore, it’s an honest answer, not a public relations line. Her lyrics on Stories From A Blue Room are derived from a life spent in and out of the music business and provide a unique landscape of emotions (CD Baby).

The first video from her brilliant new album for the soulful masterpiece Cross My Heart, has been posted to the Project: Shadow HQ (see it here).  Visit her site or her MySpace for more information