Avatar - "The Day of the Black Sun"

It is hard for me to review this episode without spoiling the end, so, as always, I will err on the side of caution and not go into much detail about the episode.

"The Day of the Black Sun" is a two part episode where the long awaited eclipse finally darkens the land, stealing the fire benders ability to do their bending.

The episode starts with the gathering of the forces of the earth kingdom and water tribes, including all of the soldiers and characters that we have met over the past several years, with the exception of Jet, who was lost last season. Several of Jets freedom fighters are involved, carrying on Jet's vision.

Early on, as everyone sets up for the invasion, Aang shaves his head as the others don their amazingly well styles black with white trimmed uniforms. It was good to see Aang reclaim his air nomad heritage, and even more thrilling to see him fly again.

What sets Avatar apart from most fantasy stories, is that all of the technology used by the invaders is thoroughly integrated with each tribe's bending. It is rare to see any series that takes full advantage of this magical and fantasy elements. The water tribes' ships are powered by water benders. The earth kingdom's tanks are powered by earth bending.

While I was not surprised by the outcome of the battle, it still gave me cold chills. The futures of Iroh and Zuko are up in the air, everyone's plans are stretched to their limit. The biggest surprise was the revelation about what happened to Zuko's mother.

A great mid-season spectacular. I am itching for the next episode. What is going to happen at the western air temple... I have to know.