Matt Reeves on ‘Trek’ Trailer and Footage

140x105In a recent interview with MTV Movies Blog, Matt Reeves, the writer/director of the upcoming J.J. Abrams monster flick Cloverfield said:

The teaser trailer is so thrilling, in fact, that Reeves admitted to having some difficulty stifling his inner fanboy. “That’s what excited me about seeing the trailer, was that I thought ‘Well, this does look completely different and new,’” he marveled. “But while having all the stuff that will make fans of ‘Star Trek’ still feel fulfilled (MTV Movies Blog)."

How am I suppose to feel about that? Clerks was a completely different and new, and it had enough Star Wars in it to satisfy this Star Wars fan, but it was not a Star Wars Film!

I really want to hold off my judgement about this film I have not seen until I do actually see it, but to interview a guy to tease me about a teaser trailer that does not come out until next month for a movie that will not com out until next December is a bit ridiculous. But it worked, because it got me to talk about their stinkin' movie. Nuts to you Magillicutty!