Star Wars Stocking Stuffer

51rFg2TDj1L._SL210_ This is probably the most self post I have ever made, but everyone seems to have this on their blog today, and I have to say, I hope I find one under the tree. My mother gave me the Pacman plug in game last year and I love it. There is nothing like playing Pacman with an real joystick and not a series of direction buttons or an analogue stick. I do think the promotional copy is a bit over the top though:

Do you love Star Wars and Video Games? Want to play games on your TV, but don't have an Xbox or a Playstation? This may be just what you need. Star Wars TV Games: Classic Trilogy Edition features 4 games from the classic Star Wars Trilogy, which, by the way, is coming to DVD in its original format this September. But back on the topic of this great video game, you'll get 4 adventures: Assault on Hoth, Red Leader, Battle of Endor, and Lightsaber Duel. Requires 4 'AA' batteries (Amazon).

... really... this $12 plug in is going to be as good as an Xbox or a Playstation... That just makes me laugh, but I bet it will be as fun as Pacman. I hope I find this in my stocking.