Futurama Bender's Big Score

5 I instantly became giddy when I saw the UPS man pull up to the house with the package today. I knew that small envelope contained the first new Futurama I would get to watch in two long Bender-less years.

The packaging is great. The hologram of Bender belching as Fry, Leela, Hermes' Head and Dr Zoidberg cower in fear is still making me giggle as I write this.

We actually started with a special feature. They produced an actual full length episode of "Everybody Love Hypnotoad." I have to say, Master Hypnotoad is the greatest thing ever put on a DVD. In fact, they should release another DVD with nothing but the glorious and wise Hypnotoad.

Cover of "Futurama - Bender's Big Score" Cover of Futurama - Bender's Big Score

After we broke free from our benevolent amphibious lord's gaze, we started the feature.

Bender's Big Score begins with the crew being fired because they had been canceled by the Box Corporation two years ago and no one had bothered to tell them. The numerous insults and jabs thrown at Fox were welcomed and well placed, as was Hermes Conrad's unfortunate decapitation.

The story is simple, and classic Futurama. People are essentially stupid, and all of earth falls victim to numerous cheesy fishing scams run by three evil space nudists. It is soon discovered that Fry has the secret code to unlock time travel tattooed on his buttock. Bender, who is under the control of the evil space nudists is then sent back in time to steal for them, even though each trip threatens to rip the fabric of space-time asunder.

Every character from Futurama makes an appearance in this flick with the exception of the back water asteroid space chicken. There is even a musical number performed by Santa, Hanukah Zombie, and Kwanzaa-bot.

A great movie filled with humor and even the moving emotional scenes that we have come to expect from this great series. Along the way, many of the mysteries of the original four seasons are answered, and new mysteries are brought to the fore.

I am a huge Futurama fan, and this was more than I could have expected out of a Futurama movie. Al Gore was hilarious as always. For those of you that are not fans of the series, I think the humor is wild enough to tickle even your funny bone, so give it a try. This is a five star buyer for me. I will be rewatching it often. By the way, the Terrifying Message from Al Gore special feature is hilarious, but I would expect nothing less from the Emperor of the Moon. Buy your copy (here) now!

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