Opens today is suppose to be a portal for GLBT fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and horror:

The site will feature original fiction, photos, comics, short films and serials along with genre specific news, reviews, and interviews. In addition, *""* will have the latest in Web 2.0 social networking features such as user homepages, personal profiles, email, matchmaking, discussion boards, chat features, gaming forums, and breaking technology information. started as an idea to create scripted Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror content with gay characters and themes for a long underserved segment of the gay community.

"I've been surprised at just how many Gays love Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror,

even from people I never imagined would be interested in the genre," ""* creator and Door Q Entertainment, LLC partner Jody Wheeler said. "Articles in previous editions of magazines such as *Fab,* *Wired News,* *The Advocate,* and the current issue of *OUT,* have all documented the appeal of such themes and entertainment to the Gay community "*"* makes it easier for such fans to watch, meet, share and have fun with others who have similar interests."

The site has just launches at 6:00 PM PST , but I hope it will be a great site. I will review it after I use the site more.