Star Trek XI First Draft Done

J.J. Abrams announced that the first draft of Star Trek XI is done.

'On the one hand, for people who love Star Trek, the fix that they will get will be really satisfying,'' Abrams said. ''For people who've never seen it or know it vaguely, I think they will enjoy it equally, because the movie does not require you to know anything about Star Trek. I would actually prefer [that] people don't know the series, because I feel like they will come to it with an open mind (STARTREK.COM : Article).''

Ugh... why do I need to have an open mind? Gerrold may have convinced me that a rework of The Original Series might be a good thing, but with the writer and director of some of the worst TV shows and movies I have ever seen tell me I am going to need a open mind... I am worried all over again.