Fighting DVD Formats?

C.E. Dorsett

Why don't we just boycott both of them?

Sony Pictures on Tuesday said it aims to deliver its new Blu-ray DVD format to U.S. stores on May 23 to coincide with the entry of compatible disc players, a new step in an industry war for control of home movie viewing (Reuters).

A Toshiba Entertainment representative told CNET Japan that the company plans to release titles in the HD-DVD format on March 28. This supports the company's assertion during January's Consumer Electronics Show that it would release an HD-DVD player in March. At the time, Toshiba said the first players would cost $499 and $799 (Cnet

Yeah, VHS vs. Beta-max Part II. Yeah this is a good idea... I haven't even replaces all my tapes with DVD's and now two new competitive, non-compatible formats are coming onto the market to replace what I have! They better be backwards compatible, or I say we revolt. Toshiba and Sony need to get their act together. We don't need another obsolete technology.