3 Injured in Hate Inspired Raid

C.E. Dorsett

What is wrong with the world:

An armed gang attacked a gay bar in the northern England city of Sheffield over the weekend, terrifying patrons and trashing the venue in what police have described as a homophobic attack.

According to South Yorkshire police, five men entered Club X-es in Sheffield early Sunday morning with weapons, smashing windows, breaking beer pumps and threatening drinkers.

Three people were hurt in the attack, which took place in the Attercliffe part of the city, according to the city's Star newspaper (Gay.com).

Attack like this are being fueled by the religio-fascists and old school corporate fascists to distract people from the real problems in this world. People are taking out their frustrations on the anointed scapegoat rather than facing their problems head on. We need to wake people up to the reality around them.