Equal Marriage Roundup

C.E. Dorsett

Those who push hate and bigotry found an ally in in Bill “I can misdiagnosis you from a distance, give me a cat” Frist:

The Senate is planning on a vote this year for a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage (Gay.com).

Oooo, they want to get peoples bigotry or lack there of on record so they can use it against them. While they will probably get away with this blatant act of gay baiting, I can only hope they get called out and held accountable for using hate as a political tactic. It is frankly, unconscious able that we allow this to happen in this country.

There is a bright light out there:

Same-sex couples across the United States applied for marriage licenses at their city and county offices Tuesday as part of an annual campaign for marriage equality (Gay.com).

I wish I was in the loop on this. As someone who has a licensed domestic partnership in the state of California, who has found himself living in Missouri dreaming of Massachusetts, I find the confusion in law concerning my personal relationship to be more than confusing... I can only hope that more protests shine a light on these issues.

This is about more than a piece of paper:

Gay marriage and civil partnerships are good for the health of lesbians and gay men, researchers said Tuesday in London (Gay.com).

What else is there to say? Equal Marriage is necessary.