Star Trek XI: the final sell out?

I love Star Trek, and I always will. I pray that it will one day be freed from the purgatory it has found itself. So, this is a hard subject for me, but I can't stay quiet anymore about the upcoming Star Trek film.

Let's start from the beginning: 4.21.06

J.J. Abrams, producer of hit shows Lost and Alias, as well as director of the upcoming Paramount film "Mission: Impossible III," is slated to produce and possibly direct the next Star Trek will be the eleventh in the franchise. (Until a title is selected, we will usually refer to the project as simply "Star Trek XI.")... it is a confirmed project under development with a 2008 release date targeted... According to Variety, the proposed story will focus on the early days of James T. Kirk and Spock, including their first meeting at Starfleet Academy and their first mission in space. UPDATE 04.27.06: Abrams has since indicated this may not be the case; see this article [below] for his recent comments... Rick Berman... is not involved in this project (Star

The afore mentioned update:

Fans around the world whooped for joy... at news that the Star Trek franchise was being resuscitated with M:I:3 director JJ Abrams... News that it would adopt the long-mooted concept of Kirk and Spock's youthful adventures at Starfleet Academy provoked a more mixed reaction... "The whole thing was reported entirely without our cooperation," says the director with a hint of regret. "People learned that I was producing a Star Trek film, that I had an option to direct it, they hear rumours of what the thing was going to be and ran with a story that is not entirely accurate."...Abrams... is a confirmed Original Series fan so don't be surprised if his take on the series does indeed take place around the era of Kirk and co, or if some of the established characters do make a reappearance. "Those characters are so spectacular. I just think that… you know, they could live again (Empire"

I didn't whoop for joy. I bit my nails and hoped that the worst would not happen, but Abrams' words did make me feel better... and then...

Matt Damon told SCI FI Wire that he's open to assuming the role of Capt. James T. Kirk in the proposed 11th Star Trek movie, but denied previous rumors that he is already in line for the iconic role, which was originated by William Shatner. "If the script was good, I'd do it," Damon said in an interview while promoting his latest film, The Good Shepherd. "But, yeah, I heard that [rumor]. I think J.J. Abrams or somebody said that at [a] press junket or something, and it got picked up [by the media and Star Trek fans] (SciFi Wire)."

And let me guess, Ben Affleck will play Spock?

Ok, it is all just rumors right now anyway, but I am getting really nervous about all this. At least if they hire Damon, he is too old to play an academy Kirk. That's it. I have played in the rumor mill. I'm out.