MA Homophobes sue Lawmakers

How petty can they be?

BOSTON -- Supporters of a measure to ban gay marriage sued in federal court Wednesday, seeking as much as $5 million in damages from lawmakers who blocked a final vote last month on the proposed constitutional amendment.

The lawsuit, filed... by [a homophobic group that named themselves after their website that I will not advertise], argues the 109 lawmakers violated the supporters' rights to free speech, to petition the government and to due process under the law.

The group is asking the court to interpret the vote to recess a joint meeting of the House and Senate as a vote in favor of the amendment... (

I am sick to my stomach.

  • They have free speech: They are spouting their garbage for the world to hear.

  • They have the right to petition their government: the government said no.

  • They have due process under the law: they filed fraudulent petitions to get their homophobic amendment before the legislature, and didn't get rounded up and sent to jail!  Whose rights were violated there?

May the good Lord save us from hateful lawsuits!