Dante's Cove, A must see

C.E. Dorsett

I don't have cable or satellite, so I keep up with most shows on DVD through
Netflix, or through iTunes. So I am so out of date, but I only have to pay
for the shows I want, and it is a lot cheaper. Anyway...

I just got my copy of Dante's Cove from Netflix. I am in love. A
little more sex and nudity than I am used to, but I have to say, I really like
it. It's like Buffy/Charmed meets Queer as folk. The guys are hot,
and the stories are good too. I have heard a lot of good thinks about
season 2. I'm sure the girls are hot, but honestly, beyond Tracy Scoggins,
who I adore, I didn't pay much attention.

They describe the show as a gay soap opera, which is a pretty good
description. It is very erotic, sexy, and I must say, the show hooked me
quickly. Toby (Charlie David) seemed so familiar to me, it was like reuniting
with an old friend. I love this type of gothic melodrama. O, I have
to talk to someone about this. Watch it! Watch it now!! hehe