Government Has a Duty to Teach Its Own Students

Perhaps, responsibility could be returning to the Florida government:

Florida's highest court on Thursday handed public school advocates a decisive victory, striking down a Florida program that gives students taxpayer-funded tuition vouchers to private schools. It was the first time a state Supreme Court has said states have a duty to educate students in public schools (USAToday).

Imagine that, the government has a responsibility to its citizens! I know that in this modern world we like to rid ourselves of as much responsibility as possible, but we have to stand up against the government absolving itself of every reason it has to exist!

Protect us, do not attack the wrong country and outsource military duties to unaccountable private companies. No one should be allowed to profit off war.

Research new medicines stop allowing private companies co-opt the drug that we paid to invent.

Teach our kids, and do not lie to us about the “hidden profit motive” in education! Well educated people are savvy shopper, rarely gullible, and take an interest in the general welfare of their communities, none of which is beneficial to the corporate bottom line. Business will always have an interest in keeping people dumb, ill-informed, and naive! They will teach to whatever test the government requires to show they are doing a good job, and neglect critical thinking skills.

Private schools are fine, but the government has a responsibility to offer a quality alternative to what most private schools offer (ideological indoctrination in the philosophy of the school). Private schools have an interest in creating good followers, not necessarily good citizens.