VA not for Lovers, RI Contemplates Equal Marriage

In a move reminiscent of most of the civil rights disasters in our country's history:

Virginia voters will decide this fall if an anti-gay marriage amendment should be tacked onto their commonwealth's constitution, now that lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved it (

Frankly, all this reminds me of the Anti-Miscegenation (Mixed Race Marriage) Movement. They also used the bible (Number 25) to justify their bigotry. Those laws also had majority support. Vermont was only state not to pass an Anti-Miscegenation Law. The Courts were used to over turn these laws (Pace v. Alabama, 1883, upheld these odious laws/ Loving v. Virginia, 1967, struck the laws down). Bigotry is easy to pass into law, but difficult to remove.

Virginia is not the only state to place an anti-gay marriage amendment on its upcoming state elections. South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and South Dakota citizens will vote on similar amendments in their elections (

When you are having trouble winning an election, make your constituents hate someone or something. Hate is a powerful tool to organize people.

A Ray of Hope
Rhode Island's Senate and House are both facing bills that seek to legalize same-sex marriage (

Maybe we could turn the corner and move forward.