In Defense of Underworld: Evolution

I have read what I consider a lot of odd reviews of Underworld: Evolution this morning. It seems the plot fell on a lot of deaf ears. As a writer, I recognized the type of story this was very early on. This is what is known as a Theme as Hero story, as opposed to Hero, Idea, or Plot as hero stories which are much more common.

The theme of this story is “The Importance of Blood,” whether it is blood memories or the ties of family. This is a classic theme for a vampire story, and I found it refreshing that the story emphasized the theme as the hero of the plot rather than torturing the theme into a clichéd and tired plot.

The movie is designed to perform on the level of a tone poem, through images, sounds and movements, rather than through plot and story. Theme as hero stories are meant to be experienced not watched.

Given that the first film used a plot as hero model, many might expect that of this film.

As for similarities between this film and the first one: they are meant to be poetic beats, like rhymes in a poem, or recurrent phrasing in prose.

Pay attention to interviews with the cast and crew and you will hear this in their words as well.

I am a fan of Theme as Hero stories, but I admit they must be seen as such to be enjoyed.