Super Heroes, Vampires, and Gwen Stacy, Oh My

X3: Images and Trailer on Site

Images and a Teaser Trailer have been added to the X-men 3 official movie site. Beast and Angel look good, but I am concerned about how they are going to explain Jean Grey's return when the word Phoenix does not appear on the site (at least, not yet), and there is no pic of Juggernaut in his helmet. X2 was light years better than the first movie, I can only hope this one continues the improvements.

Underworld Evolution Released!

I have a weakness for vampires, you know, and I love werewolves. The first Underworld film was one of my favorite movies of recent years. I will see this movie Sunday... review to come [Official Movie Site]

Spiderman 3 to include Gwen Stacy?

In the next Spiderman movie, we will get to see Spidey fight off Sandman, and maybe another woman? Rumor has it Sam Rami has cast Bryce Dallas Howard to play Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's first love from the comics. I guess she will compete with Mary Jane for Peter's heart. Unfortunately, I know who wins...