My Grandfather is dying

C.E. Dorsett

Soon, my grandfather will pass...  They are taking him back to the nursing home today, and the doctors will let him die...  Whether this is a good thing or not, only God knows, but everyone here is really torn up.  It will not be easy to let him go whether he dies now, in a month, or even ten years from now.  It just seems that the doctors are rushing him into the grave.

Listen to me, my friends and readers, if you ever get sick in the “Heartland,” get out.  Go somewhere else where people care about each other and the doctors care about something more than money.  Grandpa's nurses have been exemplar, but the doctors... Two of the three should loose their licenses to practice.  They are rude, cruel, and lack any kind of bedside manner.  They have been keeping mother upset.  They yelled at her for siding with grandpa's regular doctor over them. What the hell is that about???

(sigh) If you are religious, please pray for Grandpa Smith, so his passing will be easy.  But I want everyone to help by organizing for a better healthcare system!!  Here is the proposal from the Center for American Progress [the plan is here], read it, and start organizing.  This effects all of us.