When you take the Eye off the Prize

  Ayman al-Zawahri, Bin Laden's number one man has released a new tape {see story} claiming emanate victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It is a subtle reminder that the threat from those who really attacked us is still real, and growing.  We can only hope that this diversion in Iraq will not lead to major attack in the United States.  If they keep with their pattern, there will be a major attack in 2 to 6 months (November 9 to March 9).There was an attack in Indonesia {see story}.    My heart goes out to those who died in today's attack.

  I was on the Randi Rhodes Show today...

...and boy did I make a fool out of myself.  I called in to the Randi Rhodes Show {show} {her site} today.  I prepared what I wanted to say, but when she said, "Eric in Poplar Bluff..." I just lost my train to thought.  I got to say most of what I wanted to, but I was so star-struck...  I have met quite a few celebrities.  She is the only one I have ever had that happen.

Stage fright is one thing, and when you add being in the presence with true greatness... I could just die.    It was good to speak out.  Now, if only there was a way to get a radio station in Cape.