A Dark Night in the Heartland

Reaction to Bush's Speech

[Thu 9-2-2004 at 10:14 PM CST]

  • Extending the frontiers of freedom??  Freedom to pursue your dreams??

Does he really think people are that stupid?  He has done more to eliminate civil liberties and to dash human rights than anyone short of the real dictators, but he has his dreams.  Good grief.

  • Frivolous Lawsuits??

What frivolous lawsuits?  O, do you mean the one my father can't file for being fired after being injured on the job because the republicans have rigged the legal system in such a way that he can't?  O, please ihr Führer, save those corporations and doctors from any responsibility for any harm they cause.

  • Ownership Society, What a crock of lies!!

Okay, ihr Führer, tell me again why poor people should help rich people become richer while taking away the only safety net they have.  I am afraid to say it, but if it wasn't for social security, I don't know what my parents would do.  {sigh} I am just to upset to talk about this right now.

  • Testing every child with no funding.

What a brilliant idea!  First of all, bulimia is not good for models, and it's not good for the mind.  Test scores mean nothing.  What is more important is that our students learn to APPLY what they learn.  I can spout off quite a few facts about quite a few things, but if I can't USE that knowledge it counts for nothing.  Dogs can memorize and repeat tricks on command, but they can't build a computer.  Applied Knowledge is what we need to find a way to instill in our kids.

  • Faith Based BS

As someone who was brutalized physically and psychologically by "Faith Based" institutions, I have to say I don't think religious labels count for much.  It's what is in a person's heart that matters, not what they call themselves.  Having said that, I have to tell you, FAITH BASED CHARITIES COULD ALWAYS GET THE FUNDS, they just couldn't use it to proselytize or to fund worship services.  If we really want to help people we need to look at RESULTS as much as methods, and only fund constitutional charities that work.

  • Protecting Marriage at the cost of Human Dignity

What are you protecting marriage from?  Brian and I have bee together for seven years in a monogamous relationship that we consider a marriage.  You just want to feel special because you can visit Laura if, God forbid, she were hospitalized.  Or maybe you want to make sure Brian can't inherit if something happened to me.  I don't know what you think you are protecting.

All you are doing is depriving me of my basic human rights.  Love is love Ihr Führer, accept that.

  • Protestors are so cool!!!

They chanted "Bush lied people died!!!"  Bush looks like he did during the now infamous 7 minutes in Fahrenheit 9/11.  He just doesn't know what to do.  LOL

  • The Crosses on the Podium

Read the Bible.  Compare the actions of the Bush administration with what Jesus taught, especially Matthew 5-8, and see if Bush comes close.  You make Jesus weep Mr Bush!  How does that feel?