A Bit of a Reality Crisis

The nightmares have returned... the same nightmares I have had since I was five or six...  The sound of marching boots and death as far as the eye can see.  I haven't slept well because of it.  One of the two recurring nightmares I have had since childhood, and the one that causes the most stress.I need to start doing my dream yoga again...  I need to start meditating in general again.  Anything to quiet and order my mind, but it has been difficult to find the time lately.  I really need to reorder my schedule (or drink more coffee).

As time goes on, the more I see that the truth presented in the Buddha's First Sermon: All is suffering (unsatisfactory).  Suffering is called by attachment and aversion.  There is an end to suffering.  The way to end suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path:

  1. Right Speech (Samma Vaca)

  2. Right Action (Samma Kammo)

  3. Right Livelihood (Samma Ajivo)

  4. Right Exertion or right effort (Samma Vayamo)

  5. Right Awareness (Samma Sati)

  6. Right Concentration (Samma Samadhi)

  7. Right Aspiration (Samma Sankappo)

  8. Right Understanding (Samma Ditthi)

How could anyone object to that?  Life itself testifies to their truth.  I can see the sources of suffering that assault me regularly, no I must do may part to stop the suffering with me.  I have been trying not to spread the pain... but it is difficult.  Things will get better.

Philosophy is the language of the mind.  Alter the program, and improve operations.  I am trying to rewrite my own code.  We have to overcome the lies.  We are not alone.  We are not powerless.  We are not voiceless!  We must stand strong, even if only for ourselves.  One spark can ignite an inferno.  One candle can frighten away the dark.

Website Update

I added some links to my music on Amazon.com... I hope you enjoy.

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